The God's Eye

Sukkahville 2013 First Place Winners

Welcome to Sukkahville

Sukkahville is an international design competition that challenges entrants to re-imagine the Sukkah. A Sukkah is a temporary structure built during the Jewish festival of Sukkot to commemorate the 40 years that Jews spent wandering the desert. It is described as a symbolic wilderness shelter, symbolizing the frailty and transience of life. Proposing an innovative Sukkah design that balances the dichotomies of new/old, open/closed, temporary/permanent is the challenge inherent in this competition.

The Kehilla Residential Programme is a non-profit housing agency that began Sukkahville in 2011 to highlight its affordable housing initiatives. Sukkahville helps create a conversation about affordable housing, raises public awareness through an interactive Sukkah exhibition and most importantly, it generates funds for its Rental Assistance Program that helps those who need a home.