Kehilla Residential Programme

KRP.Logo.TealThe Kehilla Residential Programme (KRP) was established in 1982 as the UJA Federation’s official housing agency. KRP’s mandate is to identify and champion affordable housing initiatives responsive to the needs of the Jewish community in the Greater Toronto Area. This is implemented through education, awareness, project sponsorship, development consultation, and research and property management.

KRP is a leader in developing innovative affordable housing through government funded programs and private partnerships. Since its establishment, KRP has developed five diverse projects. These projects include a seniors’ group home, a seniors’ non-profit project, a seniors’ life-lease project and two mixed-use non-profit housing projects and in collaboration with UJA, a reduced rent program with private landlords. KRP acts as the property manager for two of its projects in addition to managing third party projects in the community. Kehilla Residential Programme is now responsible for over 500 units in the community.

KRP worked with Reena as a development consultant for a 60-unit special needs building on the Lebovic Jewish Community Campus which opened in August 2012. KRP partners with the development community and acquired four condominium units to be rented at affordable rents. KRP is also in the process of acquiring a 133-unit existing housing project.  KRP has been exploring the development of an affordable home ownership project and is working with a congregation on the possibility of redeveloping its site with a new synagogue as part of the development.  Kehilla conducts regular conferences and workshops under the tag name “Bagels to Bricks”.

KRP is staffed by an Executive Director, an Executive Assistant, a Supervisor of Property Management, a Property Manager, a Bookkeeper and an RGI Administrator. A12-member volunteer Board of Directors oversees the operations of the agency. Kehilla is fortunate to have a highly skilled and talented Board of Directors with representation from many professional backgrounds including: lawyers, accountants, property management professionals, developers, planners and architects.

Kehilla is the official housing agency of UJA Federation of Greater Toronto.